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Dr Saleem M. Dahabreh

Founding Partner

Dr. Saleem Mokbel Dahabreh is currently an associate professor at the Department of Architectural Engineering/ University of Jordan. With an M. Arch from the KU-Leuven (1996) focusing on architecture and identity and an M.S.  from the University of Jordan (1998) focusing on the relationship between architecture and the behavioral sciences, Dr. Dahabreh worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Architecture at the University of Jordan and as a full time lecturer at the Department of Architecture at Jordan University of Science and Technology. He has participated in several architectural competitions developing and elaborating conceptual issues and rendering architectural presentations. During his stay at Georgia Institute of Technology between 2001 and 2006, where he got his PhD, he was an active member of Courtsweb, a data base for Federal Courthouses funded by the GSA, where he was responsible for in classification, analysis and generation of courtroom floor typologies. Currently, Dr. Dahabreh continues his PhD focus on constructive morphology addressing the relationship between concepts, form, and function in architectural designs, as well as understanding the formal logic of design. Dr. Dahabreh frequently gives seminars on sustainability and green architecture.

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90˚ degrees design studio is a multidisciplinary architectural studio that focuses on the triad of Theoria, Poiesis, and Praxis. Theoria is reflected in our heavy involved in Academia and Education where through university teaching for students and voluntery public lecturing for professionals, we provide a deeper understanding of the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of architectural design. Our area of expertise is in architectural theory, concept formation and design methodology, and architectural morphology, as well as design modelling, rendering, and presentation. We provide architectural design consultancy from conceptual sketching to helping and guiding in preparing full construction documents for small, medium, and large scale buildings. We bridge the gap between Theoria and Poiesis via Praxis; we make it our primary concern to take part in architectural competitions where theoretical conception, intellectual formation, and material transformation become one. Architectural design here is regarded as a theoretical exercise that is stretched to its limits.


Core to our design philosophy is the notion of simplexity or aesthetic simplicity where the satisfaction to the mind is derived not only from inner complexity of simple forms but moreover from the inner simplicity of complex forms. Our designs aim for Equanimity, a simplicity that creates a pause in the tumult of form yet intrigues and engages the senses and the intellect.


The philosophy of 90˚ degrees design studio is based on a conceptual framework of an architectural design machine that reputes architecture as a material construction forged by passion, inspired by a formative idea, and guided by intellectual structure that regulates pragmatic requirements and physical necessities while creating a meaningful dialect with the surrounding context. 

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