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Architectural Morphology is concerned with understanding ‘how’ an architectural form came about. Analysis of existing works of architecture is fundamental to understand the design process, identify the factors that affected form and the intentions of the designer, and the formal logic used to develop form.


It aims to make explicit the implicit design logic that structured the physicality of architectural forms.

In our workshop, participants are taught how to go beyond the physical to account for intellectual i.e. the forces, design principles, and formal logic that make up the intellectual structuring of form.


Workshop objectives

  • Provide and understating of formal logic and formal design languages

  • Provide an understanding of what morphology is

  • Provide an understanding of what architectural morphology is

  • Explain types of morphology: relational, constructive, and generative

  • Explain how to use morphology in the analysis and generation of architectural design

  • Provide examples of architectural morphology through the analysis of works of the masters 



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