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Share with us your project in a DROPBOX folder (NO ZIP or RAR files please). Please send your shared folder link to no later than 22nd of November. Your folder should contain the following:



1- The whole boards/Poster (Jpg Format – Longest dimension should not exceed 1400 pixels).

2-All Images and drawings( Plans, Elevations ,Sections, Perspectives, etc.), photos, and graphical content must be sent as separate and make sure in preserving the resolution + image quality as you resize the original ( Jpg Format, Longest dimension should not exceed 1400 pixels, with a minimum size of 1000 pixels).

3- written description in English, explaining the intent of your project ( Word Format – No PDFs please).

4- Project Credits in English (Project Name, student, university, location, advisor, project title)( Word Format ).








90 Degrees Studio will start publishing your architectural projects online (Graduation or non-graduation projects) – Starting 15th of November 2015.

The projects should demonstrate how academia, theory, program, technology, and context come together in a design that intrigues our senses and challenges our way of thinking.





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