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23.05.2016 - Day 1: Introduction

· Introduction to parametric and algorithmic design

· Introduction of Rhino modelling and interphase e.g. nurbs and surfaces

·Introduction of Grasshopper and its interface


24.05.26 - Day 2: Basics

·Essential mathematical functions and logical operations

·Series, data management

·Curves and surfaces

·Basics practicing


25.05.2016 - Day 3: Massing and Form Finding 

·Attraction points

·Box morphing


·Twisted surfaces 

·Voronoi 2d , 3d 


26.05.2016 - Day 4: Structural System

·Structural grids and columns

·L systems and fractals

·Particle – spring systems –catenary simulation, membrane simulation

·Mesh relaxation 


27.05.2016 - Day 5: Skins

·Rectangular and hexagonal based pattern

·Pattern surface mapping

·Pattern sifting and dispatching

·Responsive and adaptive skins 


28.05.2016 - Day 6: Panelization

·Surface paneling tools and plugins

·Surface and box morph paneling 


29.05.2016 - Day 7: Optimizations

·Shape optimization 

·Topology optimization 

·Visual comfort optimization 


30.05.2016 - Day 8: Visualization 

·KeyShot tutorial 

·Visualizations preparation 


31.06.2016 - Day 9: Final boards preparation

·Final help finished work

·Final board composition and submittal



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